Lauren Lawson

I am so super excited about my work and using multiple adjectives in one sentence!  I use way too many exclamation marks and typos are my jam.  I can bark like your neighbor's incredibly annoying chihuahua.  Your kids will laugh.  It's pretty much guaranteed.  :)  On your wedding day or the day of your session, I aim for our time together to be laid back and fun.  I am a natural light chaser and lifestyle lover.  I will pose your bridal party or family as needed but the candid shots I get of you snuggling with your new husband when no one is looking or tickling your toddler's tummy during our session gives me life.  My indoor sessions tend to be light, bright, and airy.  I feel like it fits the mood of beautiful bridals or a lifestyle session with a brand new baby.  When I shoot outside with beautiful Texas scenery as my backdrop, my images tend to be more colorful and dramatic.  I shoot with intention, hoping that each image you will love and hang on a wall in your home.  A shrine of my work of your wedding day or family is what I live for!  

Take a look around.  If you get the feeling that I am what you're looking for, please reach out so we can start planning your wedding day, birth story, newborn lifestyle session, a milestone session of your precious child, or a session to update your family photos.  I can't wait to hear from you!

Lauren :)





Birth Becomes Her, Breastfeeding Image Contest Finalist, 2016

Featured on @confident_photographers, twice in April 2017, May 2017, September 2017, October 2017 

Featured on @our_everyday_moments in January 2018

Proud Member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers

Featured in Voyage Dallas Magazine - November 2017