Find extraordinary in the ordinary.  Document your days because kids don't keep.


What is family photojournalism?

The saying, "kids don't keep," is more than a saying.  It is a truth and as much as a sweet family photo of everyone smiling (usually through gritted teeth) captures what your kids look like at this age it misses so much of who they really are.  I have been working for years to find ways to capture children and families, mommas with their babies, daddies with their kids in a way that shows what life is really like during this phase of life.  Are you deep in diapers and late night nursing sessions?  Are you running from soccer to karate and working through that homework with tired eyes?  When you lay in bed at night and you think of your day, what are the moments that stand out to you?  What makes you smile and laugh?  What memories are you most fond of?  Is it the session at the park with your favorite photographer or is it when you sat at the table this morning slurping cereal with your littles when one started to blow milk bubbles and the other laughed so hard that a toot came out which caused an explosion of laughter.  THAT moment, those tiny happens, those real belly laughs are captured at home while I quietly hang back and document your life with your kids.  The good, the silly, the sad, the tired, the messy, the fun...the real.  Because those belly laughs are too soon forgotten and the days of milk bubbles in bowls go by so fast.  Nothing would make me happier than to capture a day in your life for you so you can have these moments in print to flip through someday when those little people of yours aren't little anymore.  Don't let these moments pass you by.  


If this type of session doesn't sound like your thing, breathe easy my friend!  I still do posed portrait and lifestyle sessions!  Let's plan a session that's perfect for you!  :)

“Honestly, I found my photographer for life. I felt so comfortable during my maternity session thanks to her immediate ability to build rapport. I look forward to celebrating many more milestones with Lauren." -M.S.

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